Private treatment is offered on a pay-as-you go basis or under Denplan Care scheme. Private treatment allows the use of high quality materials and convenient appointment times. We have a contract to treat children on the NHS.


The Cost of a Beautiful Smile

We like to encourage our patients to put the cost of their dentistry in comparison with other expenses in their lives. Restorative work on teeth is, for the most part, something which we expect to last for a long time. It is not like a hair cut, which is expected to last for a matter of weeks, or a holiday or this season's fashion accessory. Dental treatment should be viewed on a par with any other professional services such as solicitors, accountants and vets. Private treatment allows your dentist to use the latest and best materials and give more time for the intricate work required on the teeth.

Fee Guide

We believe it is important for our patients to know the cost of their treatment. For this reason we give our estimate at the beginning of a course of treatment, and keep patients informed should there be any changes.

Fees listed below are correct as at August 2021 and should be used as a guide only. At Grange Street Dental Practice, we review our core prices annually on the 1st April each year. Please call the practice on 01727 844461 for up to date prices.

Fees are dependent upon your specific treatment. This is not a comprehensive list of treatments available and is subject to discussion with the dentist. We also offer Denplan Insurance schemes.

Failed Appointments

If you do not come to an appointment you have reserved or if you cancel an appointment giving us late notice we may charge a fee for the time. To avoid a late cancellation fee we ask for 48 hours notice. Failed appointments and late cancellation fees are charged at £1-£2 per minute for appointments with a dentist. Missed or late cancellation of hygienist appointments are usually charged at the full cost of the appointment. If we can fill the appointment with another patient there will not be a charge.